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VenomAid awarded PhD grant to expand technology platform

Copenhagen, Denmark, 8th February 2023 – VenomAid Diagnostics (Abbr.: VenomAid) is pleased to announce that Innovation Fund Denmark has awarded VenomAid DKK 1.0 million to an Industrial PhD project for Selma Belfakir to explore nanobody-based diagnostic tools for toxin detection and quantification.

Selma Belfakir has been participating in the development of antibodies for venom stratification, carrying out her thesis work at VenomAid. Since completing her thesis, Selma has worked in VenomAid as a research scientist and will now continue in VenomAid as an Industrial PhD researcher in a collaboration with the Technical University of Denmark. Innovation Fund Denmark has in this relation awarded support of DKK 1.0 million.

Gina M. Ross, CTO of VenomAid said: “The PhD project will focus on developing a state-of-the-art paper-based diagnostic platform comprising of newly discovered nanobodies that are able to detect natural toxins (venoms and poisons). This will further strengthen VenomAid’s position for delivering low-cost, fast, and sensitive tools for point-of-care diagnosis. Additionally, Selma is an excellent candidate for this project, she is a highly motivated, intelligent, and conscientious scientist who is clearly passionate about developing technological solutions that make point-of-care diagnosis more accessible. We look forward to have Selma joining our labs once again - now as a PhD student"

Selma B. Belfakir, Industrial PhD student said: "I am excited to see the Innovation Fund Denmark supporting this PhD project, allowing me to continue my journey with VenomAid. It reflects the future role that VenomAid plays in addressing snakebite envenoming and other diseases caused by toxins. With the development of nanobody-based diagnostic tools for toxin detection and quantification, we have the potential to revolutionize patient diagnosis and outcomes, even in the most remote and resource-limited settings."

Combined with the recently announced investment of USD 1.0 million, VenomAid is in a great position to solidify its technological foundation.

For more information please contact:

VenomAid Diagnostics ApS Jonas Arnold Jürgensen, CEO & Co-founder +45 30 48 27 47

About VenomAid Diagnostics

VenomAid Diagnostics (abbr. VenomAid) is a Nordic medtech startup innovating toxin-diagnostics, mainly within animal envenomations. VenomAid has recently established state-of-the-art facilities in Denmark and built know-how within Lateral Flow Assay development. VenomAid’s current flagship project is the Bothrops kit – a diagnostic device for the Brazilian and Latin American market that can detect envenomings from Lancehead snakes and thereby guide selection of antivenom.



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