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Press release

VenomAid co-develops snakebite-centered science education course for danish high schools

The LIFE Foundation launches ‘FIGHT THE BITE’ – a free educational science course for Danish high school students, focused on snakebite envenoming and diagnosis. As one of the project partners, VenomAid Diagnostics ApS is proud to have contributed with expert knowledge and design of the course.

We tackle one of the world’s most neglected tropical diseases
Snakebite envenoming is on the WHO’s list of top prioritized neglected tropical diseases, because of the hundreds of thousands of cases of suffering, morbidity, and mortality it causes every single year.

We are on a mission to enable best-in-class snakebite care worldwide, with the vision of reducing the global burden of snakebites.

Read more about snakebite envenoming at
Current diagnosis is time consuming
A crucial part of treating snakebite envenoming is to correctly diagnose the patient so that they can receive the specific antivenom that might save their life.

If time from bite to treatment exceeds 6 hours, the clinical burden increases drastically.

The current symptom-based diagnosis creates a delay between bite and treatment and when symptoms appear it may already be too late to effectively treat snakebite envenoming. This means unnecessarily many people die or become crippled for life.
The VenomAid Diagnostick is an affordable and sensitive test capable of providing a clinically relevant diagnostic result within minutes of loading either blood- or wound-swab sample onto the device.

By quickly detecting which snake bit you, the doctors can start early and correct treatment, saving costs, and more importantly, your life.  
Meet the innovators
Cecilie Knudsen
Co-founder & CSO
Jonas A. Jürgensen
Co-founder & CEO
Søren H. Dam
Co-founder & RA
Gina M. Ross
Pelle D. Knudsen
Research Scientist
Andreas H. Laustsen
Co-founder & Board Member
Selma B. Belfakir
Industrial PhD student
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