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Turning the Tide on Snakebites: How VenomAid is Changing the Game

The recent feature in DYNAMO Nr. 76, March 2024, shines a spotlight on our journey from a budding idea to a cutting-edge startup poised to tackle one of the world’s most neglected tropical diseases: snakebite envenoming.

Our story begins with our co-founder, Cecilie Knudsen's realization during her time at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) that the impact of science extends far beyond the laboratory. Motivated by a passion to save lives and limbs, she embarked on creating a solution to one of the most pressing, yet overlooked, medical challenges globally. Each year, over five million people suffer snake bites, with a significant number facing death or disfigurement due to a lack of prompt, accurate diagnosis and treatment.

VenomAid's quick test is a game-changer in this field. Designed to be as simple as the now-familiar COVID-19 rapid tests, it requires just a few drops of blood to determine the presence of specific types of venom, supporting the diagnostic procedure speeding up the selection of the correct antivenom. This innovation not only promises to save lives but also to significantly reduce the disability and mortality rates associated with snakebite envenoming.

The article from DYNAMO underscores the critical nature of our work at VenomAid and the challenges we face in bringing our solution to those who need it most. Our commitment is rooted in a deep sense of responsibility towards global health and the belief that no one should suffer due to neglect or lack of resources.

Our story is a call to action for researchers, healthcare professionals, and policymakers worldwide to recognize and address the dire need for improved snakebite management. As we continue to develop our quick test, we are reminded of the vast potential of science and innovation to transform lives. We invite readers to delve deeper into our journey, understanding the passion and perseverance that drive us forward, and to join us in our mission to make snakebite envenoming a disease of the past.

For a comprehensive look at VenomAid's inception, challenges, and the vision that propels us forward, we encourage you to read the full text (In Danish) and explore how innovation can lead to meaningful change in global health.



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